These practices are made for Europeans – the people who are accustomed to comfortable conditions of life from their childhood. It is possible to do these practices even while lying, it is easy to do them for EVERYONE including the children and elderly people.

These are called Creator’s Practices because we all are creators.

While we practice and develop ourselves, we create everything inside and around ourselves:

  • we change our character
  • we free ourselves from negative tendencies and habits
  • we develop our relationships
  • we plant flowers and grow gardens
  • we build houses and interiors
  • we control our emotions
  • we improve our feelings

Everyone of us is a creator of his or her own level. When a person finds his or her own practices, he or she little by little becomes a high-level Creator – he or she obtains an inner wisdom and then the life is based not only on the mind and thinking.

The wisdom is revealed by the fact that while not fully understanding the reasons one practices sensing that it is necessary to do so. We create everything in our lives while we practice, we improve the quality of our lives in all the aspects.