(Magazine “Travel And Adventures” 2016.09-10 / Ona Noseviciene) : pdf


The good and the bad are not the outside world, but in our attitude towards it: things, people, and event that surround us. Every thought and every feeling is the reason, and the result is the consequence.

You are the captain who conns through a stormy sea. Your body is the ship, and your Spirit is the crew. You have no right to give your crew wrong commands because then the ship will sink.

The law of life is the law of faith. Don’t believe those who offend or hurt you. Believe in the creative and reinforcing power of the Spirit. What you believe in is what you get.

Often, only after resurrecting from the deathbed, we realize how warm the sun is and how fresh the air around is. And you don’t always have to suffer to understand that. The physical and spiritual suffering is an extreme way of cleansing the soul. It can as well be purified consciously with the help from the Universal Energy of the unselfish Mind and faith in the Higher Power.

How to know yourself? How to get your life together and be happy? What should be done to keep the physical and spiritual body from fighting? This you will learn during the process.

And you will be happy too!

– Liutauras Viktorinas